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RoboGenius: The 2006 winners of the FLL Open European Championship in Eindhoven in Holland. Has also participated in the FLL World Festival in Atlanta USA in both 2005 and 2006. Some of the NXT Generation members has previously been members of the RoboGenius team.

Robots at Play is a festival about Robots. It takes place in Odense Denmark once a year.

Hjernekraft: The Scandinavian division of FIRST.

FLL Scorings list:

Link to Android app and online web-browser score keeping application for Body Forward robot game

FIRST: The American division of FIRST.

First Lego League: Official global FIRST Lego League homepage

The NXT Step blog: Blog site on the NXT robot

NXT-Tutorial: Online tutorial in how to program the new NXT robot.

Mindstorm NXTlog: Link to Legos Blog on Mindstorm NXT designs The current weather in Stevning. Stevning is the small town where our team meets and practice FLL.


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