FLL stands for First Lego League. FLL is a competition for children between 10 and 16 years. The competition is split in two parts, a practical and a theoretical. In the practical we have to build and program our own Lego robot. The robot has to solve a number of tasks which will be known 8 weeks prior to the final takes place. Every year it is a different subject/theme we have to work on. The tasks the robot has to solve also has to do with the theme. Besides this the theme must be part of the theoretical part, where we have to do research within the theme. When that is done we have to explain to the judges what we have learned and this has to be done by doing a presentation for the judges.

FLL in the whole world.

FLL is a competition which takes place all over the world. First there is the local competition and if you win this one your team goes on to the Scandinavian final. As prior members of the RoboGenius team some of us has been so fortunate that we have been to the Open European Championship in Eindhoven ( Holland ) and also four times to the FLL World Festival in Atlanta (Georgia, USA). This has meant that we have met many people from the whole world that share the same interest as us.